Inspirational Story: World’s Most Peaceful painting!

Inspirational Story: World's Most Peaceful painting!


In this story, you’ll learn how to stay relaxed and calm in every situation of life. No matter how hard and bad the situation is, you would be able to tackle it easily, without going into depression. So keep reading and enjoy this inspirational story.


Back in time, a huge art gallery declared a competition. In it, they announced that any painter who would make the best painting in the world, which depicts peace, would be awarded 10 million$. The news spread everywhere and thousands of painters from all over the world submitted their paintings for the competition. The judges of the contest finally shortlisted 100 from those thousands of paintings and started an exhibition of those 100 paintings.

In that exhibition, they invited the painters, the media and a crowd of thousands of people were also present. Because the prize amount was so big, everyone was interested in knowing who would win. What would that painting be like and who would be that talented painter who will get such a huge amount.

At last, the day has come, and the exhibition was held. There were all sorts of paintings and beautiful than each other. Some of those were paintings, where the largest crowd was gathered to see them. Like, a painting in which a clear and blue river was flowing, behind it were some mountains with snow on them and the sun was rising from behind.

Inspirational Story: World's Most Peaceful Painting
World’s Most Peaceful Painting (Inspirational Story)

In another painting, the painter depicted peace through the full moon night. There was a pacific lake, the water of which was still, too still that you could see the reflection of the surrounding things in it, just like a mirror. There were many stars and a moon shining in the black sky above.

Inspirational Story: World's Most Peaceful Painting
World’s Most Peaceful Painting (Inspirational Story)

There was also a painting with white clouds, a blue sky, and green grass.

Inspirational Story: World's Most Peaceful Painting
World’s Most Peaceful Painting (Inspirational Story)

All the paintings are so calming to see them. This means that the competition was fierce. Because all the paintings were making high competition with each other, it was very difficult for the judges to decide which painting is the best.

But the moment came when the judges brainstormed and selected one of the hundreds of paintings and placed it behind a large carten. Painters, media, and thousands of people were sitting in front. Everyone’s interest was expanding because the amount was so big.


But as soon as the carten was removed and people looked at that painting, they were all amazed, they all started looking at each other’s faces. No one could understand what had happened actually because the painting was not depicting peace at all. So everyone thought that there was something wrong with the art gallery or the judges and they put the wrong painting there.

Twist Lite

When the people started making noise and shouting, the owner of the art gallery came and appealed to the people to be quiet. When everyone was silent, some painters asked the art gallery owner if this was a mistake. So the art gallery owner smiled a little and said, “No mistake, this painting is fine.” The judges have selected this painting and it’s today’s winner.

All the painters got angry and started shouting again. Seeing this, all the media people got up from their chairs and ran to the owner of the art gallery and put their mics in front of him.

Once again, he smiled a little and said that before you say anything to me, once you all look at this painting carefully, maybe you have missed something. Because all you have seen in this painting is, that there is wind, a storm. There is a feeling of darkness all around, lightning is thundering in the sky, and dark clouds. But you didn’t see a thing.

World's Most Peaceful Painting (Inspirational Story)
World’s Most Peaceful Painting (Inspirational Story)

There is also a house in this painting, which has a small window in it, where a man is standing. Look at that man who is standing and constantly looking outside, there is no fear on his face but a slight smile. There is a pause, a tranquility and that is the true meaning of peace.

World's Most Peaceful Painting (Inspirational Story)
World’s Most Peaceful Painting (Inspirational Story)


Peace does not mean that everything outside of you is calm, then you are calm, because it is mortal. Real peace means that whatever is happening outside of us, we are completely calm inside, and our mind is relaxed.

Because the one whose mind is not calm, no matter how much you take him to the sweetest place, he will remain miserable even after going there. But on the other hand, the one who has peace of mind, no matter what is happening outside, no matter what the weather is like, even if everything around him is negative, he will completely remain relaxed and calm from inside. And that is the true meaning of Peace.

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