Short Inspirational Story: Don’t Act Like A Monkey



After reading this story, you’re gonna be smart than before. It will be helpful to develop critical thinking and start questioning the important things, you have never thought about before. So stay focused and keep reading this short inspirational story!


Once upon a time, some scientists did a very interesting experiment together. They took a big cage, locked some monkeys in it, and put a ladder there. They also put some bananas on the top of this ladder.

Don't Act Like A Monkey (short Inspirational Story)
Don’t Act Like A Monkey (Short Inspirational Story)

Then what did the scientists do? when any monkey climbs this ladder to reach the bananas, the scientists would start raining cold water from above, as soon as the cold water fell on the monkey who was climbing the ladder, he would come down quickly and the water from above would also stop falling. Then another monkey climbed the ladder again to reach the bananas, cold water would fall from above and as soon as the monkey came down, the rain would stop again.

So the monkeys interpreted this to mean that as soon as anyone climbs the stairs, cold water falls from above. Now, as soon as anyone tried to climb this ladder, all the other monkeys would come together, grab, beat, and knock him down. When someone would try again, again it would be the same with him.


After that, the scientists took one of the five monkeys out of the cage and put a new monkey in the cage instead. Now, this new monkey did the same thing as the one before him, so he ran away, tried to climb the ladder, and tried to reach the bananas. Now, this time scientists didn’t rain from the above, but as usual, the other four monkeys got together, beat him, and dropped him down. He did not understand anything. He tried again, the same thing happened to him again.

Don't Act Like A Monkey (short Inspirational Story)
Don’t Act Like A Monkey (Short Inspirational Story)

Now it has settled in the mind of this monkey that it is forbidden to climb this ladder, and by climbing this ladder one gets beaten. Then the four old monkeys that were left were taken out one by one by the scientists and replaced by four new monkeys. Now, these five monkeys were new and no one knew why it is forbidden to climb this ladder. But it was in their minds that climbing this ladder would punish them. So no one was trying.

Don't Act Like A Monkey (short Inspirational Story)
Don’t Act Like A Monkey (Short Inspirational Story)

While now no cold water was raining. If they wanted, they could easily climb the stairs, pick bananas and share them.

Exactly the same thing happens to us, it happens to human beings. A tradition is formed thousands of years ago and there was a reason behind it. But even after that reason is over, that tradition continues. People don’t have the guts to ask what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it. Everyone knows that “this is what our ancestors doing are”.

When it comes to this experiment, they are monkeys, they are animals, and they don’t know how to ask questions. But even though we are human, don’t ask, what is the difference between us and animals?


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