Inspirational Story of Life: How To Change Your World!

Inspirational Story of Life: How To Change Your World


If you want to change your world, you should read this inspirational story of life. In this story, you’ll learn, in which way and how to see the world from the perspective of a Monk.


Once upon a time. A big minister went to the small temple of a Monk. Because he had listened a lot about him. So it occurred to his mind that I should go once and see why people admire him so much. So when he went to the temple, there was a small room with a small rug. Some people were sitting down and the Monk was sitting in front of them. Questions and answers were going on.

Inspirational Story of Life: How To Change Your World!
Inspirational Story of Life: How To Change Your World!

As the minister entered the room, he was not alone, four bodyguards were also with him. And he had the habit that wherever he went, people would get up from their seats, fold their hands and bow their heads. But nothing like that happened here. Monk didn’t even look at him, because he was answering someone’s question.

The minister was angry at this, he thought it was an insult to him. So he interrupted Monk and said a little angrily, I want to say something to you. Monk looked at him and said, “Wait a minute, I’ll answer his question first, then I’ll talk to you.” Until then you can sit if you want.

Inspirational Story of Life: How To Change Your World!
Inspirational Story of Life: How To Change Your World!

As Monk said these words to him, the whole face of the minister turned red with anger. And he vented all his anger on Monk. Until now, the minister was speaking very politely, but now he has come to be rude. The minister said to the Monk, “Do you know who I am and who you are talking to?”

Monk looked at him and said, “I don’t care who you are.” But whoever you are, if you want me to answer your question or talk to you, you have to wait a while. As soon as Monk said this, the minister went mad with rage and started shouting in front of everyone, “now I will show you your real face, you are in trouble now by messing with me. Do you know what I think of you?.

Monk looked at him affectionately again and said “I don’t care what you think about me, you can think as you wish.” Then the minister said whether you want to listen or not, I will tell you here in front of everyone what I think about you.

You are a very bad person, you are not a monk but a fraud and fooling all the people sitting here. Your only goal is to get all the money in their pockets. You are using these people for your own benefit. Now I will not leave you, I will reveal your veil in front of the whole world.

But even after hearing so much, a small smile remained on Monk’s face. Seeing this, the minister became more and more confused and said it’s enough and now I will not stay here even for a minute. But you still have a chance, if you want to apologize to me or say something else, you can.


Despite all this, Monk was very calm and had a faint smile on his face. He closed his eyes, then opened them and folded his hands, and said to the minister, “I have no complaint from you, I have no wrong desire for you in my mind. Everything you said about me was your own thinking. I don’t see any evil in you, I think you are a very good person”.

As soon as Monk said that, the minister’s mind reached the seventh heaven, and there was a strange happiness on his face. Because Monk said what everyone else said to this minister. And he happily walked from this temple to his house.

When he reached home, he went to his father and sat down. His father’s eyes were closed and he was meditating. He had served the people all his life and never expected anything in return. So after a while when he opened his eyes and saw his son, there was a strange happiness on his face today, which his father had never seen before.

So he told one by one what happened today, how he went to the temple, what he said and what Monk said, and so on. When his father heard the whole thing. He smiled a little and looked at his son and said.

“He did not praise you, because he did not say what you are, but he said what he himself is. And you did not say to him what he is. Rather, you told him what you are”.


This world does not look to you as it is, but it looks to you as you are. Whatever the way you see the world, whether it’s positive or negative. It’ll become as it is. So if you want to change your world, change the way you see the world.

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