Inspiring Story of Hope: An Invaluable Lesson!

Inspiring Story of Hope: An Invaluable Lesson!
Inspiring Story of Hope: An Invaluable Lesson!


A father is teaching his sons, an invaluable lesson. Come and join him to see how he teaches that great lesson to them, and become a part of this inspiring story of hope to learn a beautiful lesson with his sons.


A man had four sons. He wanted his sons to learn that they should not judge anyone so quickly. So, to make them understand, he decided to send them on a journey to see a pear tree in a remote area. And sent one son at a time. “Go and see that tree.”

Everyone’s journey began in turn. The first son went in winter, the second in spring, the third in summer, and the fourth in autumn. When all the sons had finished their journey and returned, the man summoned his four sons together. And asked them all about their separate journeys.

The first son, who visited the tree in the winter. He said the tree was ugly, dry, and crooked. At the same time the other son who saw the tree in summer, said, no, that tree was very green, full of green leaves. The third son who visited the tree in spring, disagreed with both of them, saying that the tree was neither dry nor full of leaves, but it was full of flowers and its fragrance was coming from far away. And that he had never seen such a beautiful scene before.

The youngest son disagreed with all of them, saying that the tree was full of fruit and life. And because of the weight of the fruit, the tree was stooping at one side.

After hearing this all, the man smiled and looked at his four sons and said. There is nothing wrong with either of you. Everyone is right in their place. The sons were very surprised to hear the father’s answer, “how is it possible?”.

The father continued his speech. You cannot make a final decision by looking at a tree or person, in a single season or state. A little time is needed to test any individual. A person is sometimes in one state and sometimes in another state. If you see a tree in the fall, it does not mean that it never vegetates fruit.

In the same way, if you see a person in a state of anger, it does not mean that the person is not good. Never make a hasty decision unless you have thoroughly examined the person. One can only be understood and tested when all these seasons have passed.

Inspiring Story of Hope: An Invaluable Lesson!


If you would figure out the result by guessing in a single state or season, you will miss out, the greenery of summer, the beauty of spring, and the charm of autumn. Don’t call the rest of someone’s life bad based on one bad season of his life.

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