"Life too is precious to waste - to spend on anything but the best"

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|james harriet||James Russell Lowell||James Stephens||jamzu|
|Jan Laurence Fernan||Jan Laurence Lavinge||Japanese Proverb||Jason Kidd|
|Jean Baptiste Moliere||Jean de La Fontaine||Jean Paul Richter||Jeddy|
|Jeffry A. Timmons||Jeremy Taylor||Jerry Gillies||Jesse Jackson|
|Jessie Jackson||Jevan||Jewish Saying||Jezickah Ramone|
|Jhim Canobas||Jim Carey||Jim Rohn||Jimi Hendrix|
|Jimmy Durante||Jo Han Mok||Joan Rivers||Joel Hawes|
|Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe||John Adams||John Ciardi||John F Kennedy|
|John Glenn||John Keats||John Mendosa||John Quincy Adams|
|John Ruskin||Johnny Carson||Johnny Giles||Jose B. Cabajar|
|Joseph B. Wirthlin||joyati_4u@yahoo.com||"'<>Judith >"'<||Kahlil Gibran|
|kaleb||Karel Bruckner||Karita||Karl von Clausewitz|
|Katherine Mansfield||Kelly||Ken Olson||Kerri Walsh|
|Kevin Gildea||Kim||kira||Knute Rockne|
|Korn||Kyra||Lady Borton||Lao-Tse|
|Lao-Tzu||Laura||Leo Burnett||Leo Buscaglia|
|Leo Tolstoy||Leonardo da Vinci||Les Brown||Leslie Stephen|
|Lewis Grizzard||lianechast||Lillyana Hoffman||lonestar|
|Lopez||Louis Armstrong||Louis Pasteur||Luis Bunuel|
|Luiz Felipe Scolari||LXGuvRsZ||Madison||Mahatma Gandhi|
|mairaj||Malay||Malcolm Forbes||Malcolm Margolin|
|Malcolm S. Forbes||Marc Damien||Marcel Proust||Marcus Aelius Aurelius|

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