"Life too is precious to waste - to spend on anything but the best"

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|Fast Food #1!||Flannery O'Connor||Florence Littauer||fom the gospel of john.|
|Football||Fortune Cookie||foxjiNxT||Francis Bacon|
|Francois-Auguste Rodin||Frank Lloyd Wright||Frank Lloyd.||Frank Loyd Wright|
|Frank Sullivan||Frank Zappa||Franklin Roosevelt||Fred Allen|
|Frederick Faber||French proverb||Friedrich Nietzsche||Friedrich Schlegel|
|Funny Man||G. K. Chesterton||G.K. Chesterton||G.W. Hegel|
|Gail Sheehy||Gallagher||Gary Linneker||gemkie|
|George Alliston||George Bengis||George Bernanos||George Bernard Shaw|
|George Burns||George Carlin||George Eliot||George L. Morrisey|
|George MacDonald||George Santayana||George Washington Carver||Georges Clemenceau|
|Gerald Fowler||Gerald Weinberg||Germaine De Stael||Gertrude Stein|
|Google||Gordon B. Hinckley||Grace Hopper||Gracie Allen|
|Graham Hamer||Grenville Kleiser||Groucho Marx||gwjUQruj|
|H. L. Hunt||H.L. Mencken||Hadia Bejar||Hannibal|
|Happiness||Harold Kushner||Harry Emerson Fosdick||Harry Firestone|
|Harry Fosdick||Harvey B. Mackay||Harvey Mackay||Henny Youngman|
|Henry David Thoreau||Henry Drummond||Henry Ford||Henry George Bohn|
|Henry Louis Mencken||Henry Wadsworth||Henry Wadsworth Longfellow||Henry Ward Beecher|
|Herbert Bayard Swope||Herbert Kaufman||Hermann Hesse||Hilliare Belloc|
|Hindu Proverb||Holly McPeak||http://avadevine.blogspot.com||http://cahn.mnsu.edu/msuatdisc/_msuatdisc/00000110.htm|
|http://netzhizni.gov||Hugh Downs||Humphrey Davy||Hunter S. Thompson|

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