"Life too is precious to waste - to spend on anything but the best"

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Wise Sayings for your personal growth, self improvement and success
Authors of Inspirational Quotes.

|Alexander Bain||Alfred D Souza||Alfred Hitchcock||Alice Walker|
|Anatole France||ANDREKA MELCHOIR||Anita Turner ||Anna Eleanor Roosevelt|
|Anne Armstrong||Anne Marie||Anonymous||Anthony Robbins|
|Aristotle||Arland Gilbert||Art Buchwald||Arthur Ashe|
|Arthur H. Stainback||Arthur James Balfour||Audray Landrum||August Wilson|
|Ayn Rand||Azie Taylor Morton||AZrNGbun||b566efdf27f76bbbee2e23b26ff6b006|
|Barbara De Angelis||barbara nichols||bc89493e2c0dcf31e5a9e6485a4fca43||Belgian|
|Ben Franklin||Ben Shahn||Benjamin Disraeli||Benjamin Franklin|
|Benjamin Spock||Bernard M. Baruch||Bertolt Brecht||Bhagavad Gita|
|bible passage||Bill Bradley||Bill Wulf||Billy Crystal|
|Billy Hughes||birthday boy||Bishop Talbu||Bob Hope|
|Bob Paisley||Bob Richards||Bob Tyler||BoFLODne|
|BoingBoing||Booker T. Washington||Brahma Kumaris||Brian Tracy|
|Brianna Acosta||Brittany Murphy||bubut||Bucket|
|buddha||by me||by way of Sandy Novotney||C.T.|
|c0357726e7f49104ed8439c4d1cac4c3||c60718f3a154723312501d1201674c15||Callie Ledyard||Calvin|
|Caralisa Mclennan||Carisa Bianchi||Carl Sagan||Carlos|
|Carolyn||Carrie Martinez||Cassandra Hayne||Cathy Carlyle|
|Cato the Elder||Cesar Chavez||Charles A. Beard||Charles Du Bos|
|Charlie Brown||Chelsea||China Man||Chinese|
|Chinese Proverb||chris||chris aleke||Chris Widener|
|Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland||Christopher Morley||Churchill||Cicero|

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