"Life too is precious to waste - to spend on anything but the best"

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|Pema Chodron||Percival||Peter McWilliams||Peter O'Toole|
|Phil Neville||phill the pill||Phyllis Bottome||Pierre Laplace|
|play it||Plutarch||Polybius||Pound|
|Pradis||Proverb||Pythagoras||Quence Centeno|
|Rainer Maria Rilke||Ralph Ellison||Ralph J. Bunche||Ralph Marston|
|Ralph Parlette||Ralph Sockman||Ralph Waldo Emerson||Ram Dass|
|Randy Gilbert||Ray Kroc||Rayven barefoot||Reena Gounden|
|remelnik||Richard Bach||Rimmer - Red Dwarf||Rob|
|Rob E. Geraghty||Robert Benchley||Robert Bloch||Robert Brault|
|Robert Bresson||Robert Browning||Robert Frost||Robert Kiyosaki|
|Robert Louis Stevenson||Robert M. Pirsig||Robert R.Greenleaf||Robert Vallett|
|Robin Williams||Rodney Dangerfield||Romain Gary||Ronald Reagan|
|Ronaldo||roseann soriano||Roy Benjamin||Roy D. Chapin, Jr.|
|rqSILvid||Ruben Bautista||Rudyard Kipling||Russel Watson|
|Russell W. Davenport||Russian Proverb||Sally Koch||Salvador Dali|
|Sam Levenson||Samuel Goldwyn.||Samuel Johnson||Sandy Novotney|
|sara||Sara Teasdale||Sarah||Sarah N|
|Sarah Stratton||Scarecrow||Scott Adams||sean jones|
|Sean Scott||self||Seneca||Sergio Barrios|
|Seymour Cray||Seymoure Cray||Shakespeare||she|
|Sir Winston Churchill||Siro||Sky Talent||smiley|
|some1 in love||Somerset Maugham||Stephen Covey||Steve Lomas|

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