"Life too is precious to waste - to spend on anything but the best"

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|Luiz Felipe Scolari||LXGuvRsZ||Madison||Mahatma Gandhi|
|mairaj||Malay||Malcolm Forbes||Malcolm Margolin|
|Malcolm S. Forbes||Marc Damien||Marcel Proust||Marcus Aelius Aurelius|
|Marcus Aurelius Antoninus||Marcus Tullius Cicero||Margaret Storm Jameson||Margaret Thatcher|
|Marian Wright-Edelman||marilyn galapon||Mark Twain||Mark Victor Hansen|
|mArNiE mAaO||Martin Luther||Martin Luther King, Jr.||Martina McBride|
|Mary Richards||Maximo||Mayleen Francisco Martin||me|
|MEEEEEEEEEE!||Mel Brooks||Melissa Macias||Melissa Stuart|
|Michael Jordan||Mick Miller||Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi||Mike Ditka|
|Misty May||MJ RABAGO||MkSOahWW||MMdXkfhH|
|Mock Confucus People||Mohandas Gandhi||Moliere||Moonlight 1759|
|Mort Sahl||Mortimer Adler||Mother Teresa||Muhammad Ali|
|My own quotes on Iraq||my self||myckala||myself|
|Napoleon Hill||Nathaniel Hawthorne||Natures law||Nelson Henderson|
|Newton||Nicole Alexander||Nido Qubein||Nidokidos|
|Nisandeh Neta||NJpIcuFC||nlASyjdC||no name|
|Noel Coward||none||Not Sure||not sure...|
|NOVICEL MAGNO||odaleeccle||Og Mandino||OHDkHsqA|
|oKjOZvlQ||Oliver Herford||Oliver Wendell Holmes||Orison Swett Marden|
|Oscar Levant||Oscar Wilde||Osho||Pablo Picasso|

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